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A development team, with a store.

We took a different approach to designing technology experiences for customers. We went straight to the end user and set up a space for them to play with all kinds of amazing technology.

After seeing what consumers want, and how they interact, we've become pretty good at delivering experiential experiences to them.


Virtual Reality

The ability to transport yourself in to a completely different reality. A way to let your audience live your story and connect on a completely new intimate and authentic medium.

VR is the natural evolution in display technology, giving users the power to interact and be present in a non-physical world.

Want to try? Come visit us.

Augmented Reality

Overlay digital content on to real world images and objects. By using augmented reality you can bring the physical world alive with rich digital interaction, video, 3D models and virtual reality.


We are pretty big fans of bringing people together to discover and enjoy technology.

Whether you are looking to launch a product, host a workshop or implement technology at an existing event, we are on hand to help.

Want to see what we can do? Come visit our own permanent event, we call it the showcase.

You're in good company